Who do you serve?
Our clientele consists of residents primarily in MD. We offer services and programs that expand all facets of life, from infancy to seniors.

What services and programs do you offer?
Our services and programs cover all stages of life. We offer teen mother assistance, summer camp, and counseling for children and adults. For a complete list of the programs and services offered by FMGW, please visit the “Services” section of our website or contact us at (301) 839-1960 .

What are the associated costs for service?
Payments are made through Medicaid.

What is the process for obtaining services or additional information?
For additional information or to begin the intake process to obtain services, please contact Intake at (301) 839-1960.

How is FMGW funded?
Our funding sources are primarily through: Government Contracts, General Contributions, Grants, United Way/CFC, and Fee for Services.

Is my contribution tax deductible?
Any charitable contribution to FMGW is fully tax deductible unless goods or services were provided. If goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution, the cost of said good or service would be deducted from the amount of your gift and the remaining portion will be tax deductible.

How can I help to make a difference?
You can support Family Matters of Greater Washington several ways. Through volunteerism, attending one of our annual events, adopting a family for the holidays, or by donating your professional services! You can also make a monetary contribution to help support our critical programs. To learn more about the different ways to support FMGW, visit our “Ways to Give” page.

Can I give through my employer?
Absolutely! Family Matters participates in both Combined Federal Campaign (#52358) and United Way (#8093). Please work with your employer to assign FMGW as your charity of choice to support through your Workplace Giving Campaign.

Download a copy of our brochure for more information about FMGW.