Doing our Part for Inclusive Global Wealth

Categories: Camp Moss Hollow, Social Justice
Summer usually means something different to adults than it does to children. Last month, I spoke about the importance of summer enrichment through activities like Camp Moss Hollow, and I am happy to report that the camp is in full swing with lots of happy campers. But enrichment is not just for kids – it’s …

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Why Go to Camp?

Categories: Camp Moss Hollow
What a great week it has been! I recently heard the pitter-patter of small feet around my house when my two small grandchildren visited me. This was a terrific way to experience the inter-generational exchange that happens when several generations of a family are under the same roof. PBS Kids reminded me how that exchange …

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Grey is a Lovely Color

Categories: Other, Social Justice

On a recent trip, I was able to catch up on some light reading: recent advances in foster care paradigms, articles on disruptive change in the non-profit sector, and further exploring how good organizations become great. One article in particular caught my attention. In the April 26, 2014 edition of The Economist, the lead story …

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