FMGW provides assistance that impacts more than 20,000 children, youth, families and seniors each year in the Greater Washington area. Our spectrum of programs include: therapeutic and traditional foster care; youth development programs; mental health/counseling services; and services and activities for seniors. The Youth Development program is comprised of three units – Camp Moss Hollow, a sleep-away camp that endeavors to build future leaders, naturally; a teen pregnancy program; and a Child Welfare unit that advocates for permanency, safety and stability for every child in its care.

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Youth Development

Camp Moss Hollow

Camp Moss Hollow proudly celebrates 50 years of service to over 30,000 kids and their families from our greater Washington region.  Located in the foothills of the Shenandoah Valley, Camp Moss Hollow provides children ages 7-14 a reprieve from the city and a chance to build individual and interpersonal skills, develop new perspectives, and improve self-confidence and self-efficacy through recreational and educational programming. Family Matters’ operation of Camp Moss Hollow provides children of low-income families with respite and opportunities to trade the chaotic and negative influences associated with urban neighborhoods.

winter camp program

The Winter Camp Program provides its participants with educational activities that help reinforce basic academic skills, teach environmental awareness in a hands-on setting and strengthen socialization skills with youth between the ages of 12 – 18.  During the program, the participants will also participate in recreational activities, community service projects, and learn outdoor living skills.  This unique program operates November through March with selected weekends at Moss Hollow.   It includes special in-town cultural activities and educational events along with our annual year end college tour.

This program has been in operation since 1964 and has successfully changed the lives of thousands of DC area youth.  It has provided mentors for both boys and girls, summer jobs that allow those youth to give back to the program and provide a safe haven for kids to learn and play.

Child welfare

Foster Care & Adoption

FMGW’s Child Welfare program provides therapeutic and traditional foster care; comprehensive case management for neglected children; individual, family and group therapy; foster home placement; and foster parent training and support. The goal of the Child Welfare unit is to improve the safety, permanence, and well-being of abused and neglected children in our care, referred by the District of Columbia’s Child & Family Services Agency (CFSA). The Child Welfare unit has been in operation since the organization’s inception in 1882, child welfare has always been a priority for Family Matters.

Bright Futures – Teen Mother Independent Living

Our Bright Futures program launched in the 1990’s helps teen mothers who are wards of the District of Columbia become healthy, independent, and capable parents. The young mothers live in a residential facility with FMGW mentors and case managers and take parenting and life skills classes. The goal of the program is for residents to graduate at age 21 with the knowledge and skills they need to make good choices, be healthy adults, and responsible parents.

Ward 8 Senior Services

Senior Services

Family Matters has provided Senior Services since the 1960s is now the “Lead Agency for Senior Services in Ward 8”. Staff help seniors live healthy, social and independent lives, and provide meal services, nutrition education and counseling, socialization programs and activities, transportation to cultural events, and case management. FMGW also provides operation and management of congregate (nutritionally balanced) meal centers; home-delivered meals for the homebound elderly; health promotion and disease prevention; nutrition counseling and education; comprehensive geriatric assessments and long-term case management; adult abuse prevention; Medicare waiver management so seniors can get in-home care; emergency assistance; caregiver case management; respite care assistance; supportive counseling; recreation and social activities; and transportation to recreation sites, events and activities such as performances in the arts.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Program

Family Matters operates a culturally sensitive senior center that focuses on sensory disabilities (Deaf and Hard of Hearing). The Deaf and Hard of Hearing Senior Center is a unique District-wide Center for Hearing impaired residents.  The center accepts participants from all wards of Washington, D.C. The services at the Senior Center include: a noonday lunch, recreation and socialization activities, health promotion, counseling, sign language, nutrition education, and other social service to address individuals’ needs.  FMGW collaborates with the Rehabilitative Services Administration (RSA) to provide assistive devices for hard of hearing seniors to give them greater independence.

Seniors Night out

Seniors’ Night Out is an opportunity for DC seniors to partake in a special evening of cultural enrichment and social engagement while enjoying dinner and a show at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Once a month, seniors who are otherwise isolated are transported for an evening complete with dinner a performance, and the opportunity to interact with their peers and even the performers.

SENIORS Next Connect

The technology program keeps D.C.’s elderly population connected to their community and the rest of the world. Family Matters has provided iPads and technology training to nearly 500 senior citizens in the District of Columbia since its technology program was launched in 2013.

Mental/Behavioral Health

The Mental Health Program is certified as a Core Service Agency and Choice Provider for Mental Health Rehabilitation through the DC Department of Mental Health and has been operating since 1943. Trained licensed therapists and counselors provide guidance to mentally ill, abused and neglected children; adults suffering from anxiety, depression and mental illness; and lonely and despairing seniors. They also provide domestic violence and anger management counseling.  The goal of the Mental/Behavioral Health unit is to provide high-quality, low-cost mental health services to all at little or no cost Greater Washington residents. We recently opened up a clinic in Southeast Washington, DC and Oxon Hills, Maryland.


DC Mental Health Center Oxon Hill Mental Health Center
1301 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE, Washington, DC 20003 6196 Oxon Hill Road, Suite 340             Oxon Hill, MD 20745
Phone: (202) 548-7308 Phone: (301) 839-1960