Staying Committed in Times of Turmoil

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Across the nation, people on both sides of the aisle are struggling to process what has been an unusually harsh political climate and presidential election. No matter which candidate you supported, now is the time for Americans to come together to accept the democratic process and forge a way forward that allows everyone to have a voice in driving positive social change.
The close presidential election revealed deep divisions and discontent in our country. It’s clear that as a nation we are comprised of many diverse perspectives and opinions on which path is best to  achieve prosperity for all our citizens. At Family Matters it is our fundamental goal to bring people together. We do so by finding common ground and uniting people to work for a cause and purpose. We are not partisans, but advocates.
Here at Family Matters of Greater Washington, we believe we have an important role to play in the local climate:
First, we must demonstrate that we are good stewards of the resources and donations that we are entrusted to manage on behalf of our clients.
Second, we must continue to inspire others to continue to contribute and volunteer in support of distressed families and communities.
And finally, we must continue to provide consistent and high quality support for those in our community who need it.
We have a great challenge and a great opportunity before us to make a difference in our community, and in the non-profit sector as a whole. For nearly 135 years, Family Matters has been a beacon of hope for those in need – we will continue to answer that call and demonstrate the positive changes that result when people are empowered with a true sense of value and worth.