‘Tis the Season

Categories: Camp Moss Hollow, Holidays, Seniors

The holiday season gives me so many wonderful things to reflect upon: a wonderful family, a strong and enduring faith, and an organization which I am proud to lead – Family Matters of Greater Washington!

After crossing into our fourteenth decade of service to the community, we cross another milestone in 2016: the 50th anniversary of Camp Moss Hollow. Haven’t you heard (and don’t you know) about the great things our beautiful camp does for the lives of the children of DC? Many of our campers have never been outside of the city for more than a night, let alone to the beautiful mountains of Virginia.

At our camp they not only get a taste of the wonderful wilderness and all of its beauty, but also gain valuable life skills.

In our short term results based world, where each fiscal quarter is endlessly parsed for meaning, it is a blessing to have an entire 12 months to look back on and examine; to think about the things we did right as well as the things we would do differently. It’s cathartic to be reflective, but it’s also strategic. One of our most strategic moves over the last year was prioritizing our relationship with you, our supporters. Thus, one of best ways I can sum up 2015 is with a thank you.

Organizations like ours are a never ending set of decisions, but one is never in doubt: if it wasn’t for the faith you put in us, we wouldn’t exist. Every act of kindness and support, no matter how big or small, has a direct and discernable impact on those most in need in our community. Without your support, almost 800 inner-city kids would not have been able to have a life changing experience at Camp Moss Hollow.

Without you, our Ward 8 senior programs could not deliver the enriching experience
above the basic necessities; and experience that makes life a joy to those who have built our communities and our families with their guidance and wisdom.

Your gift means that a young woman or man who would not otherwise be able to attend their senior prom can though the Dresses for Dreams program.

It also means that we can provide greater access to much needed mental health care for those struggling with the pressures of society before, as we have tragically seen too many times this year, it boils over and affects others.

With you, we are stronger, more able, and more ready to respond to the growing challenges our striated community presents each and every day. It’s more than just financial support, it is an indication that you believe in what we do.

Thanks in large part to you, 2015 was an incredible year. And knowing we will continue to work together over the next year, I cannot wait to begin 2016!

Wishing you and yours Health, Happiness, and Prosperity in 2016.